The future of dental care

Artificial intelligence toward more accurate diagnosis of dental diseases.

VideaHealth detects pathologies

Detect dental diseases earlier and more reliably.

We help dentists to provide the most advanced diagnoses to their patients. Our product, VideaDetect, detects up to 25% more dental diseases than the average dentists¹. By detecting diseases sooner and more accurately, we can have a significant health-impact on over 210M patients every year in the US alone.

¹Based on an internal study with 24 dentists.

VideaHealth simplifies patient communication

Effectively communicate treatment recommendations.

VideaDetect offers a second, unbiased opinion to the patient, enhancing their confidence that the dentist will give the appropriate treatment. Different than other AI solutions, VideaDetect is not in the back office of a radiology department, but helps both the dental clinician and the patient to determine the best diagnosis possible.

Our Technology


We collaborate closely with dentists throughout the world to continously improve our algorithms and our product. Our focus is to build the most accurate AI for dentists and patients.


Having come out of MIT, we work together with world-renowned experts such as Polina Golland, a professor at the CSAIL Department at MIT. We have deep expertise in building the most advanced algorithms on the market.


We have in-depth and ongoing research in clinical trial design across dentistry and AI. This enables us to bring the most advanced product possible into the market.

About Us

VideaHealth Team

Our mission is to build the most advanced AI solutions used by millions of patients across the US to have a measurable impact on healthcare.

VideaHealth spun out of MIT in 2018, after conducting two years of extensive research in dentistry and AI. Since then, we have achieved major milestones in product development and the accuracy of our AI-algorithms, and partnered up with some of the largest companies in the market. Florian Hillen founded VideaHealth coming from experience founding a digital pregnancy company, working in Silicon Valley on a stethoscope analyzing heart sounds, and spending time at McKinsey & Company. Prior to his work, he obtained degrees in medicine, business and two Masters degrees from MIT in Computer Science and Technology & Policy. By working closely together with dental clinicians across the US, we are taking big leaps toward our goal of improving healthcare for approximately 210M patients in the US!

Join Us

VideaHealth is a fast growing AI startup based in the Greater Boston Area. We are a diverse group of people interested in computing, AI, and healthcare. If you are interested in joining us, send your CV and a quick intro to